Kristen Timmers

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The Harmony of Manifestation and Grit.

Kristen believes that there must be a harmony between manifestation and grit. Building a beautiful life takes both, as well as a bit of magic and a whole lot of tenacity. Kristen has all of the above, in spades.

As Kristen embarked on her adventure, moving from California to Seattle, she knew that in order to find true happiness, she needed to dream up the life she wanted to live, manifest it, and make it happen!

Epiphanies, Life Changes, and The Start of Something Great

With Age Comes Wisdom

As a young girl, Kristen had dreams of being a mom. She envisioned a life where she was a stay at home mom, raising her kiddos in a large house on the water. It was a beautiful dream! Reality set in after college, when she realized that she was the only person who could make her dreams happen, they weren’t just magically going to happen!

Several Psychology degrees later, post-college, Kristen took a detour and entered the corporate world, joining HP as a marketing specialist. From there Kristen spent the next twenty years working for some of the largest tech companies in Silicon Valley, in the world! Cisco, NetApp, VMware, and NetApp. She also worked for agencies like Waggener Edstrom and The Channel Company.

Along the way, Kristen married, had two beautiful daughters, Victoria and Ashley, and her dreams changed significantly. Kristen worked to provide the lifestyle for her family that she had dreamt of…only it was Kristen who was the sole provider, and her ex-husband who was the stay at home parent. A role reversal Kristen hadn’t seen coming!

After a long and very fruitful career as a consultant, Kristen signed on for her last gig planning major corporate events for Automation Anywhere.  

It was during her time at RingCentral that Kristen met the love of her life. The relationship continued, and while she was at Automation Anywhere she began spending more and more time with John, the true love of her life. That is when she took a deep look at her life and realized that, she was making lots of money, but she wasn’t truly happy. She’d finally found the love she’d been looking for, and she wanted to be with him, but she was simply not fulfilled or happy with the work she was doing. She knew it was time to make some significant changes. When John invited her to move to Seattle to be with him, to begin their life together, she jumped at the chance! And she hasn’t looked back since. And boy oh boy so many thing have happened since then.

We can’t wait for you to follow along and learn about Kristen’s move to Seattle, and what has happened since!