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Easy Whole Wheat Biscuits

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These easy whole wheat biscuits are prepared with whole wheat pastry flour and tangy buttermilk, providing them with that classic flavor and an exceptionally fluffy texture.

Easy Whole Wheat Biscuits

With a preparation time of less than 30 minutes, this whole wheat biscuit recipe is a great choice when you crave a quick and delicious accompaniment for breakfast, your favorite soups, or main courses.

You can prepare the dough and freeze cut-out biscuits, allowing you to bake them from frozen on a whim. There’s truly nothing better than filling your kitchen with the irresistible aroma of tangy, buttery biscuits at a moment’s notice.

I hope this becomes one of those cherished recipes that you make, love, commit to memory, and find yourself turning to time and time again, just as we have.

Easy Whole Wheat Biscuits

Why You’ll Love These Biscuits:

  • Classic Flavor, Elevated: These whole wheat biscuits offer more flavor and a slightly elevated nutritional profile, all while maintaining that classic flavor and beloved texture.
  • Light and Tender – This biscuit recipe defies expectations, demonstrating that whole wheat biscuits can be just as tall, light, and tender as their all-purpose counterparts.
  • Easy to Make – These biscuits come together in less than 30 minutes, allowing you to make a batch whenever the moment or craving calls.
Whole Wheat Biscuit Ingredients

Whole Wheat Biscuit Ingredients:

  • WHOLE WHEAT PASTRY FLOUR: milled from soft wheat, whole wheat pastry flour offers a lower protein content than traditional whole wheat flour and most all-purpose flours. It is my favorite secret ingredient, as it allows you to produce more nutritious and flavorful, yet tender whole grain biscuits. Here’s an article with more about baking flours and when to use them.
  • BAKING POWDER: serving as the primary leavening agent, baking powder ensures a lofty rise during baking. Given the generous amount used in this recipe, opting for aluminum-free baking powder prevents any metallic aftertaste.
  • BAKING SODA: a touch of baking soda helps balance the acidity of the buttermilk.
  • SALT: added for flavor. I use and recommend Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt, my preference for cooking and baking. If using other brands, halve the quantity to account for higher density (read this article on cooking salts).
  • UNSALTED BUTTER: cold butter is cut into the dry ingredients. These pockets of butter give the biscuits great flavor and also help with rise.
  • BUTTERMILK: a classic ingredient in Southern biscuits, buttermilk provides moisture and that signature aroma and tangy flavor. I don’t recommend substitutions for this application.

Easy Whole Wheat Biscuits

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